Friday, August 28, 2009

My Jack and His Big Day

Being the good mother that I am I have slacked off on posting about My Jack's first day of Kindergarten. He has now finished two weeks of school and he loves it.

Jack and his big brother
Unfortunately I had to go to work early that day and couldn't take him, but I did make sure I took the "First Day" photos.

When I asked Jack what his favorite part of his first day was he said the bus ride home "It was so cool".
He likes his teacher Miss Hue and is meeting lots of new friends.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I had a great Birthday- thanks for asking. And since I have a husband who is always trying to find ways to surprise me and puts a lot of thought into gifts ...... I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Of course I had to work, but right before lunch this beautiful creation showed up at the office. "Happy Birthday Love Your 3 Sons" This picture really doesn't do it justice but it was absolutely wonderful to eat.

For lunch I met my good friend Jill at The Ground Pati ( a burger joint) and enjoyed a wonderful chicken sandwich and fries. Good food - good company. Thanks Jill for lunch and as always good entertaining conversation.

After work - off to teach class. I think I somehow managed to convince myself that if I exercised it wouldn't matter how much food I consumed. Which for some reason taking the day off of my diet for my birthday has progressively turned into a week long event

After class I met up with Ryan and the boys for some WINGS!! I know it seems like such an elaborate place to go for a birthday dinner ... but I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with the food and there is something about the look on my boys' faces when they walk into this amazing place. There are TV's everywhere even in the bathroom and yes it was the first place they went to when we walked in the door.
So I ate and I ate like I was never going to see food again even though I knew that cake and Rocky Road Icecream were waiting for me at home.

When we got home the boys could hardly contain themselves they were sure that the next gift would make a blog entry for sure.

Yes my friends --- a Snuggie ( not to be confused with the Slanket)
I laughed so hard when I opened this and I loved the fact that my kids knew it would make me laugh and of course blog about it.

So now I can enjoy the comforting warmth of a blanket and still be able to find my hands..... Check out all the things I can do with my Snuggie

I can use a remote control and still be nice and warm

I can hold my beautiful baby

And it's so nice and big that I can cover all of my children at once

Not pictured: I can eat a snack, I can read a book, I can talk on the phone, I can read a newspaper and so many many more ...........

So thank you all for the Birthday Wishes!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


I know some of you may be trying to recover from shock that I'm posting two days in a row. I've been meaning to post this one for a while. Just one more piece of evidence who his favorite is.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

School Days

Payton started school this Tuesday. All schools here in Lafayette wear uniforms - something Payton wasn't too excited about but in time will get used to.
Of course you can see Jack and Ben wanted to go too. Jack starts Kindergarten this year but, Kindergarten doesn't start until next week

My 4th grader showing how cool he is

Payton's teacher this year: Mrs. Bacon --- he was pretty pleased with this since Bacon is one of his favorite food groups

The Brotherhood

Despite the cramped living conditions we have had since we moved back to Louisiana -- the kids have managed to still create a clubhouse
Club Awesome : Password don't enter without Password unless you're a member of Club Awesome
Yes! Club Awesome meets in the closet. You would think with all of the junk we have stored in the boys closet that there wouldn't be any room for anything else. Somehow they manage to cram in there. What's great is that they include Ben who thinks its pretty cool hanging with his brothers. I find it interesting for boys that are not crazy about the dark who need a nightlight in their room at night ----have no problem shutting themselves in a dark compact space for hours at a time with only a flashlight to protect themselves.

Taking an apple juice break
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Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'm sure there will be a day when he realizes what NO means but for now ..... its a new trick

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