Friday, October 30, 2009

They say its your birthday

Tuesday was Jacks 6th Birthday. In celebration of his birthday -- school was cancelled. Actually it was parent teacher conference day but he still got the day off.

Birthday waffles - wish I could say that they were lovingly homemade. I did however think loving thoughts as I warmed them in the toaster

One of the gifts Grandma Mikey sent. Can you tell Jack enjoys having his picture taken

Jacks Birthday wish was to eat and play with a rat so on to Chuck E Cheese

This of course was not at the top of my list of favorite places but hey you only turn 6 once and the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves

Back home for cake and icecream - Good Times

Our family certainly would not be the same without this little boy. He has brought much joy and entertainment . And who could resist those beautiful blue eyes!
My Jack -- I love you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homecoming - GEAUX CAJUNS!

Yesterday was ULL Homecoming. We decided to go to the parade on campus and had a REALLY good time. Apparently not too many people realized that this was going on - you can see we had no problem finding a place along the street all to ourselves. Of course here in Louisiana people throw beads even when its not Mardi Gras. Jack has never really experienced Mardi Gras since he was just a few months old when we left. He kept talking about how great it was and asked if Mardi Gras was like this parade. We assured him that it was going to be even better.

They also threw candy and I'm pretty sure we have enough that we won't need to buy any for Halloween

Featuring the ULL Band but even more entertaining were the floats with the Sorority's and Fraternity's. They had music blasting and the floats were bouncing and apparently the music we listened to in Jr High and High School is making a comeback. Maybe its just because they are classics.
Here we are loaded down with beads and Jack holding the flag that the cheerleaders threw to him

Can you tell what Payton's favorite catch was

The kids with the loot

OK yes I am a dental hygienist and yes that is my almost one year old with a sucker in his mouth -- it made him really happy (and quiet)

All in all a really good time. The weather was fabulous and the parade lasted almost an hour - perfect for kids.
Can't wait til Mardi Gras and bigger and better parades. We welcome visitors!

Friday, October 9, 2009

We've got a climber

I know its a little dark at first but I think you can see the problem we have here. The ladder no longer stays in the upright position --- the kid has no fear. Of course it doesn't help that the older brothers are cheering him on.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm beating you at mother of the year

Jack: Mom can I have a drink of your soda?

Me: No

Payton: Can I have a drink of your soda

Me: No

Payton: Why?

Me: Because I'm being selfish

Payton: I thought you were allergic to shellfish

Me: I'm being selfish not shellfish - it means I don't want to share

A few minutes later I was presented with a picture that Jack drew with "No (a picture of a fish)" and a frowny face which Jack informed me was him