Friday, March 26, 2010

Conversations with Jack

Conversation between Jack and I
Preface: We had been working out in the yard that afternoon, I just got out of the shower and had to go to the grocery store

Jack: Mom, do you have makeup on?
Me: Yes Jack I do
Jack: Well I can't see it
Me: I just didn't put that much on
Jack: I like when you have as much as when you go to work
Me: Ok thanks
Jack: Mom you need to put more makeup on
Me: I'm not going to put more on Jack
Jack: It would make me feel better if you put more on mom
Me: It would make you feel better?
Jack: I could put your makeup on for you......... I could make you look like a clown

My sweet Jack is always concerned with what I'm wearing and how my makeup looks. I'm not real sure about the clown comment.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dance Dance Evolution

For some reason Ben loves the music from the Jim Rome show. You may remember a previous post with him dancing to the same music a couple months ago. Just wanted to show how his dancing has evolved. I may mention he is a little eclectic in his taste for music. The other day Ryan put on the Lawrence Welk show and he loved that too. Hmmmmm.......

Friday, March 5, 2010

Who was watching that child

I'm honestly surprised this hasn't happened sooner. I was reading books to Ben this morning and sent him into the library to get another book. A few seconds later I walked in and saw him applying his make up for the day. As you can see he is very pleased with himself and was extremely upset when I cleaned it off. Thank you to the creator of washable markers!!!!!