Thursday, January 29, 2009


What is more fun than making a baby smile?

According to Ryan making weird noises and making a baby cry is much more entertaining

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just another Sunday

Don't you just love Sundays? Yesterday morning Ryan was off at a meeting so it was just me and my three sons. I had just helped Jack type up his talk. The theme for the month is "We are Spirit Children of God". So Jack and I had worked on this talk and he did a fabulous job explaining how God wants us to be happy and make good choices. Some of the good choices he can make are things like: listen to my mom and dad, listen to the Holy Ghost, Be nice to my brothers etc....
So I had the boys settled a bit and decided to jump in the shower leaving Ben in his swing. No more than 2 minutes had gone by and Payton was pounding on the bathroom door, I could hear Ben screaming in the background and Jack throwing some kind of fit. I yelled to Payton "What in the world is going on"? Well Ben is crying because Jack is crying and it scared him.. "Why is Jack crying", I ask. Payton responds "because Jack hit me"
So I know what you are thinking. Why is Jack crying if he hit Payton? No it's not because he was moved by the spirit and felt horrible for being mean to his brother. You see Payton forgot to mention that after Jack hit him he grabbed Jack's arm and pinched him. Cue the music...... All the world is filled with love when there's love at home......
Hey guess what? Payton has a talk next week!!!