Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Speed Racer

Pinewood Derby Time!!! So Payton's first Pinewood Derby was this past Friday. Apparently Ryan is not a huge fan of this particular event because there always seems to be at least one child left out or crying because their car never won. Valid point. Anywho Payton was still way excited so Ryan put those feelings aside and helped him make the BEST Pinewood Derby Car EVER! Of course with a little help from Grandpa Bobby. We were up in Alpine last weekend to attend Nathan's baptism (pictures coming soon on a different post) and Bobby happened to have all the necessary sawing material as well as the "winning" secrets.

The final product - sort of - at least the design. By the way - have to give props to Faron for the sweet design that we copied from his winning car - how many years ago?
More work with a little help from Dad and Jack
I think this is Payton's favorite pose - look familiar?
I really tried to get a good picture of the track - it's a bit fuzzy but truthfully I think this might be one the best picture I got of it.So the first did a trial run and Payton's car kicked some booty I mean some serious bootay. So after he scorched everyone I turned to Ryan and said - "We need to leave now" You know just in the event that that didn't happen again and we had a dissapointed child. However the Pinewood Derby Gods were smiling on Payton that day because he won EVERY race.

So Payton won 1st place and there was much rejoicing in the land of the Nelson's. And yes most of the father's were huddled around Ryan asking him how they made the car and checking it out.

The dynamic duo kissing the winning trophy

Random Easter pics

Don't you love Easter? Don't you love seeing Easter pictures a month after the fact? Well stop complaining about my lack of bloggin saavy and just enjoy the pictures.
Since I do not have little girls and I can't buy fancy frilly Easter dresses my boys will always have a new Easter tie. Aren't they so handsome?
Seeing what's in the baskets
Coloring eggs the day before
So there you have it - random Easter pics. Someday I will start making regular postings. Some day.