Saturday, November 10, 2007

Old Mesilla

Last weekend we took a short road trip with the Valles family to Old Mesilla in Las CrucesOutside the old courthouse where Billy the Kid "supposably" was hung
It's amazing how much fun a water fountain can be to a four year old who was "SO thirsty"
I just love these pictures and yes I realize that this blog is a little "Jack heavy" as Ryan puts it, but I just couldn't resist how adorable this is.

Needless to say I'm sure you can imagine that he wasn't so dry after that drink.

Halloweeny Night

Thankfully this year I was not in the hospital for Halloween! Our ward had a Halloween "party" and trunk or treat. The party was not so much but the trunk or treat went well. Anytime you can collect mass amounts of candy in 15 minutes - its a good thing. Of course we invited our adopted family - the Valles.Larissa the witch, Abby the fairy, Payton the red ninja, and Jack the fireman

Jack's Birthday

I'm sure you are all impressed with the cake that I didn't decorate myself
I know its been said before - but do you think he looks a little like me? I'm just saying
The birthday party - Larissa, Payton, Jack, and Abby
Its so great to have a child that wants simple things for his birthday. He just really wanted to ride his bike. I know to some it may be odd, but our church parking lot is really ideal for bike riding and although it is quite common to see a car in a parking lot we only go when cars are not around. I do try to teach my children important things in life like avoiding playing around cars

Sweet Ride

For those of you that have inquired about the newest addition to our family and Ryan's most favorite toy