Saturday, October 27, 2007

Building and Growing

So we went to Lowes this morning to get some things for Ryan's lab at work and they had this great thing going on. Every 2nd and 4th Sat they have a kid's program "Build and Grow" where they have a little project that the kids make and it's totally FREE! Today they were making spiders. We happened to show up right as they were ending but the guy let us do it anyway. The boys got these great Lowe's aprons, goggles, a certificate and every time they make something they get a new patch to sew on the apron. LOVE IT!!!! They had a great time and it was a great family time activity. I highly recommend it - we are looking forward to doing this again!
He really did have a better time than this picture shows
Super Payton - with his lightning reflexes and keen sense of eight-year-oldness he conquered the Lowe's kingdom.
The Goof Troup

Saturday, October 13, 2007

More pictures of our day

We think its a ram? A goat? Not sure
We saw mostly does- after we saw the little baby deers with the mommas, Payton asked why none of the male deer were around. This gave Ryan a wonderful opportunity to explain the nature of the wild kingdom. That in itself was entertaining. All Payton had to say was "it's a good thing humans aren't like that"

Just a Lazy Saturday Afternoon

We had to break in the new jeep so we took it for a ride in the mountains near El Paso and ended up in Cloudcroft. Saw some pretty cool things!

It didn't take long for Jack to fall asleep

Payton in the back seat loving the drive

I couldn't resist

Doesn't he look so excited to be driving

Friday, October 12, 2007

Good Times

I know you can't tell from this picture but apparently if you put on a little High School Musical Jack stands up on the kitchen counter for a stage.
Can you say Bet on it!!!
Someone forgot to tell Jack to put on his silly face
Yes - I am teaching my children the Lindblom pout
What can I say... they are just the cutest kids you've ever seen and it looks like they just love love love eachother- at least when a camera is around