Thursday, October 30, 2008

Benjamin Michael

He's here!! I know you are all anxious to see pictures of Baby Benjamin - here's just a few. When I have had a good nap I will post more.Minutes old

I know compared to little Sammy he probably looks like a giant

Thankfully Ryan's mom Mikey could be here! It was great to have her in the room during the delivery and such a relief to know Payton and Jack were loved and cared for while I was in the hospital.

Yes they are both still this excited about their little brother. It is so fun to see how they behave around him.

Big Brother Jack

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jack and the baby

So despite the fact that I really want to have this baby I'm concerned that he will be born so close to Jack's birthday. For a while Jack thought that if the baby was born before his birthday that the baby would be older than him. I think that he has gotten over that but he may not understand that if this baby comes before his birthday we will have to re evaluate the birthday plans. Jack has been planning for some time to spend his birthday celebration at Chucky Cheese. He also has wanted a hamburger cake. Everytime we are at Albertsons we have to stop at the bakery to see the cake decorated like a hamburger complimented with french fries. At first I thought -"I could do that" but honestly I just don't have the energy or desire to do anything right now and I guess that includes trying to make a special hamburger cake for my Jack. So last night I was talking to the kids about the baby and I asked Jack "what if the baby is born on your birthday?" He got pretty excited and said that I could I give the baby to him as a present and put him in a box so he could open the box but that I would have to put holes in the box so the baby could breath. Its a good thing he remembered the holes.

And just so that you know because Jack is very excited and has been counting down the days :

4 more days !!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stop the Press!!!!

OK no joke this was on the front page of the El Paso Times today:

"Without bid, inmates will be without tortillas"

EL PASO -- In a city where tortillas are as common as dollars and pesos, inmates at El Paso County jails will have to go without tortillas -- a cruel and unusual crisis.
No tacos. No burritos. No soup. No corn. No flour.
County officials announced on Monday that no vendors had responded to a bid asking for tortilla supplies for the detention bureau division which includes the county jail, jail annex and juvenile detention center.
"Can't we just arrest someone who knows how to make them?" asked County Commissioner Dan Haggerty.
The contract, which is for six months, is normally worth about $10,000.
Piti Vasquez, the county's purchasing agent, told commissioners that one company did intend to turn in the paperwork needed to make the tortilla bid, but they were several hours late in doing so and had to be disqualified.
The county will now have to re-bid the tortilla contract and hope that at least one of the 20 tortillerias in the El Paso area respond.
Haggerty had a better suggestion -- have the inmates make them.
"I can understand why we have to have a contract for the milk," he said. "But there's no reason why the tortillas and the bread should not be made by the prisoners."
Gustavo Reveles Acosta may be reached at;546-6133.

My favorite line "Can't we just arrest someone that knows how to make them?"
What is the world coming to? God Bless America!