Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Soccer camp

Welcome to the second annual Soccer Camp!!!
It's so wonderful that we can get a bunch of kids together and let them run around kicking a soccer ball and call it camp. They were all so excited and it was a blast watching them.
The Tragaskes family joined us again as well as William (Katherine's son) and Grandma Mikey
Warm up time
I love these two pictures of Thomas. Mainly because he is so cute but also because in the world of a 4 year old the time between total bliss and total misery is just a few seconds.

Katherine and William

Just a few fun pics

Everyone had a great time and at the end of the camp everyone got a cool UTEP t-shirt

Gone Fishing

You may be wondering why this picture is significant. I just wanted to share with you all the damage a 4 year old can do to his pants. When I took Jack to school that morning he did not have gigantic holes in his pants. When Ryan and the boys picked me up from work on the way to our weekend in Alpine Jack looked like this. A couple weekends ago we were in Alpine visiting Ryan's parents and Grandma Sue. Ryan and Grandpa Bobby took the boys fishing - and they had a blast --until it got too cold.

All in all they caught about a dozen trout which we brough home. Ryan and the boys did a wonderful job at cooking them up on the grill. Yummy Yummy!! I'm so glad I have a husband who has incredible man skills and loves teaching his boys.

Nathan's baptism - fun with cousins

Guess who turned 8? Nathan!!! I realize this was about a month ago but since we all know it takes some time for me to actually post on my blog ....... Congrats Nathan!!
So we went to ShoLow and joined in the festivities. The boys were disappointed we couldn't stay longer - they love to play with their cousins.

Justen and Nathan
I couldn't resist this picture! Grandpa Bobby was helping Payton figure out how to put on a "real tie" before the baptism. Love It!
This was a separate visit but I thought I would show the whole gang: Kylie, Payton, Jackson, Jack, Thomas, and Nathan. We love the Tregaskes family!