Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yeah for Father's!!!

I gave birth to these beautiful children but its clear that their favorite parent is Ryan. Maybe its because I have all boys and they naturally prefer dad or it might be that he just is a really great dad.
I asked the boys why they were glad that Ryan was their dad.......
He's fun, he reads with me and he eats chips with me
These are all very good reasons!
"He's awesome and fun. " Let me take you back a few days..........
I walked into the kitchen the other day and found this on the fridge

So I asked Payton.. "What makes you so awesome"? He said "Because I'm funny and awesome" OK so where did you get your awesomeness from? "Definately from Dad"!

And I might mention that I am awesome too. Payton told me so in a card for Mother's Day. However, I was told I was an awesome mom because he was so awesome. So I guess I can conclude that I am awesome because Ryan is awesome (strictly by association) ...... since that is where Payton inherited it from.

Happy Father's Day Ryan ----- you are totally AWESOME!!!

P.S. Thanks for throwing in the awesome gene to my three awesome boys!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Hyrum and Birthday Boy Adam

After driving 15 hours to move from Santa Teresa NM to Lafayette LA the boys and I drove to Huntsville AL (another 8.5 hrs) with Aunt Nancie to visit Kelli and see the new addition to her family. Welcome to the world Hyrum!!
I personally think he is a little "mini me" to his dad
And just to keep things in perspective ---- here is my giant baby compared to this tiny baby. Check out those cankles!

Baby Hyrum and Giant Ben

The Battraw family - doesn't Kelli look AMAZING!!!!

Payton was so excited to hold Hyrum. He really is so good with babies. Unfortunately we didn't get to hold him nearly as much as we wanted because he had to be on the billi blanket most of the time

Happy Birthday Adam!!!

More pictures to come.....