Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And welcome to.......

So the past couple of days I can't get the theme song to My Three Sons out of my head. As badly as I wanted a little girl I am getting more and more excited for this little boy to be born - despite the fact that we can't really officially decide on a name. We have a few ideas now that we both like but for some reason I keep thinking I need to see what he looks like before I can name him. This was not the case with Payton and Jack. Why that is I don't know - I think its a bit frustrating to Ryan - he really wants this kid to have a name NOW. I'm still open to suggestions.

My life

Maybe I'm ridiculous, but I laugh everytime I see this commercial and I'm pretty sure that this is a foreshadowing of my life in the future. Can't you just see Ryan sitting at the table with the boys and doing something like this?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Look at her garden grow!

This is our front yard planter with my gorgeous squash garden. We planted yellow squash and zucchini this year and have had an overabundance of squash which we love! I went to Alpine last weekend to see my man and boys and to celebrate Mikey's birthday. While I was gone it rained and my squash went a little crazy. This is what was waiting for me when I got home. Isn't that just the most beautiful sight you've ever seen. It feels like an accomplishment to me especially since I seem to kill any living plant or flower I come into contact with. I've never thought of myself as having a green thumb but hopefully I'm getting better at that. And yes - it seems we pick about this much every day. Now if I could just get my kids to enjoy eating the stuff without gagging.

First day of school

Payton's first day of school was yesterday. You can just see the excitement in his eyes. It's hard to believe he is already in 3rd grade and almost 9 years old. Of course he is just sure that he couldn't possibly learn anything new but the mean parents we are we insist on him getting an education. His teacher's name is Mrs Rapanut. Yes it is pronounced exactly the way it looks and I'm sure I don't have to tell you how much Ryan enjoys this.