Friday, October 8, 2010

Patriots and cupcakes

Guess who is Patriot of the Month? That's right Jack!!! Jack is in first grade this year at Plantation and because he is the awesome student that he is he was awarded Patriot of the Month and they give out this cool shirt that the child gets to wear all month (of course only on Fridays because of the uniform dress code)
By the way my other awesome child Payton was Patriot of the Month last month but there was a shirt mix up and he never got to wear the shirt hence the no picture of my #1 son Payton in his Patriot shirt. Friday morning is the traditional Nelson Pancake breakfast day so of course Jack wanted a "P" for Patriot of the month pancake. So the wonderful mother that I am I made a "P" which Jack promptly told me needed the hole cut out because otherwise it just looked like a hockey stick and was not really a "P". So here is Jack with this hole cut out "P"

I made cupcakes today too. I know --- you are probably wondering how does she do it all? So I made cupcakes today to give to our amazing ENT doctor Dr. Eldredge. We were lame and missed an appointment last week for the boys so I thought delicious cupcakes would be nice as a peace offering. I made Triple chocolate and my new creation Snickerdoodle which she called later to thank me and tell me how delightful they were. I so wish I had the money to open a Sugar Mama Sweets branch here in Louisiana. My sister's are doing pretty fabulous at their shop in AZ and I am so excited for them. But until I win the lottery in which I do not play I will settle for making tasty treats out of my home.
As I was making the cupcakes Ben kept asking for "sugar" because he knows I can't ignore how completely adorable he is. And of course I had to take pictures of him making a mess with the batter.