Thursday, April 8, 2010

How would you describe yourself

Conversations around our dinner table are always interesting. Ryan often asks the boys what they did at recess or who they sat by at lunch. As the kids describe who they played with or who they sat with it sounds a little like this.

Jack: I sat next to "so and so" and " so and so"
Ryan: What's "so and so like"?
Jack: That's the boy with the skinny head

Or try this one on for size

Payton: I played kick ball with "whozit" and "whatzit"
Me: Oh is "whozit" one of your good friends?
Payton: No he's the kid that acts like a cat and can do the wave with his unibrow

This brings the question to mind, What kind of kids are my children going to school with and maybe a more important question is how are my children being described by their classmates?