Friday, March 26, 2010

Conversations with Jack

Conversation between Jack and I
Preface: We had been working out in the yard that afternoon, I just got out of the shower and had to go to the grocery store

Jack: Mom, do you have makeup on?
Me: Yes Jack I do
Jack: Well I can't see it
Me: I just didn't put that much on
Jack: I like when you have as much as when you go to work
Me: Ok thanks
Jack: Mom you need to put more makeup on
Me: I'm not going to put more on Jack
Jack: It would make me feel better if you put more on mom
Me: It would make you feel better?
Jack: I could put your makeup on for you......... I could make you look like a clown

My sweet Jack is always concerned with what I'm wearing and how my makeup looks. I'm not real sure about the clown comment.


Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

I'd really like to see what Jack's whole "clown" look would be like on you :)

Jo Dee said...

anytime I put makeup on my kids ask me where I am going!

vicki said...

Once when Sophie was 4 she said "Mama, why don't you wear makeup? It doesn't hurt." She obviously never used an eyelash curler.

kellibattraw said...

Ha ha!

Jill said...

I LOVE Jack!!

Michelle said...

looks like he has a future in the fashion and cosmetic industry. Hmmm... how would his dad feel about that?

Bess said...

LOL! I was needing a Jack conversation story! What a funny boy!